Who is the persistent and humorous FASA and what they do exactly

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With this Blog the «Free Anti Scientology Activists – FASA» do have the possibility to write about Scientology and their experiences with this worldwide fundamental organisation. For us this Blog is a further milestone since its young existence as association.

Before we introduce ourselves we are excited how many worldwide countries are visiting our blog: we especially welcome the US but also Canada, China, Nigeria, Thailand, Turkey and many other countries not even mentioning the European ones. This is amazing and all are welcome to read our articles, it doesn’t matter if you are an interested person or if you are Scientologists.

In February 2019 we founded the FASA, who always acts peacefully -this is the only way to be successful against this worldwide organisation. We also do have support from other peaceful friends and in our oppinion Scientology is the most dangerous cult worldwide and our main task is our educational work –in front of Scientology booths (or front organisations) in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Always with the permission of the municipality and / or the police. They are always informed who and when we are active and it seems that they appreciate how we proceed and that we always are peaceful in front of the Scientology booths.

The biggest part of our work however is in the background. We are constantly in contact with public offices, cities, villages, police departements, municipalities, press, students and family members.

Why do we think that Scientology is the most dangerous cult in the world? Because they do have an own intelligence service called OSA, «Office of Special Affairs» who try to «handle» ex-members and critics. Of course all FASA activists are called «suppressive persons» as we inform people what Scientology exactly is, how they work, what they «offer» and how they proceed.

Of course Scientology tried many times to frighten us and many times they came far too close and interrupted our discussions with passers-by while we always keep the distance and respect. We are only interested to speak with passers-by in a peacful and charming way and we never disturb the Scientologists during their discussions with people who visit their booth.

We do not «hate» Scientologists because they are both, victims and perpetrators at the same time. We only educate people about the danger coming from the Scientology organisation and even we have been threatened several times we continue our work with passion and we gladly answer any questions from passers-by. And in the meantime the authorities know what we do and how we do our work.

From time to time we publish English articles but our main focus is the German speaking part of Europe.

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